The Kids First Chemistry Set says it is intended for students ages 8 and up, but it most likely will appeal to the younger end of the spectrum. This chemistry set is safe for children, using only household chemicals, but that does not detract from the experiments.

There are 25 experiments in all, covering such areas as chemical identification, acids and bases, crystallization, the composition of inks and dyes, and the properties of oils, soap and water. Children can find out what makes sparkling water sparkle, study the makeup of inks and dyes, and even make their own perfume.

Young chemists also get to make their own test tube racks from plaster, and they can learn scientific concepts that will serve them well in later science classes. This chemistry for kids set also teaches your child how to correctly use chemistry equipment, including beakers, filters, test tubes, pipettes and measuring spoons.

You can find the chemicals you need for experiments in your home, particularly in the kitchen or laundry room. The equipment that comes with this chemistry project set is reusable, so you can repeat the experiments as much as you and your child like. You might need to buy a few extras, such as balloons for the experiments involving acids and bases that inflate the balloons, but overall, you will have what you need on hand.

Included with the kit is a 48-page manual that gives clearly written instructions for conducting chemistry experiments for kids. Your child can learn the importance of safety in a chemistry lab through such directions as making sure that everything is labeled correctly and never dumping the remaining ingredients of an experiment back into a container of the original ingredients.

Kids First Chemistry Set Summary:

The Kids First Chemistry Set is a great choice for some fun and instructive experiments, as well as a solid introduction to the basic principles of chemistry lab safety and the methodical approach needed to conduct any experiment in a scientifically sound way. It skews toward the younger end of its target audience, as it only uses safe household chemicals, but it's a fun introduction to science for you and your child to undertake together.

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Kids First Chemistry Set

This safe introductory kit uses only household chemicals.

This is quite a basic chemistry set, so it is not a good selection for a student who is already well versed in chemistry.

The Verdict:

The Kids First Chemistry Set is safe for children and offers a healthy variety of experiments, though older children won't be that interested.